Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boring Wednesday

Not much to report, but for the sake of those of you who come to my blog on a daily basis, I'll post something.

Camille turns eleven this Sunday. She is having Molly spend the night Friday (a first for us as we do not allow our children to spend the night away from us; therefore we never invite anyone over here either) and then Olaf is taking them to Butts Mill Farm on Saturday. They are going to go on a trail ride which she is super excited about. She hasn't been on a horse in a long, long, long, time. We will spend the day together as a family on Sunday. She will open her presents then. She only has three to open, but I think she will be pleased. We bought her an extra special gift this year since it is her "golden" birthday. She is turning 11 on the 11th...thus the "golden" part:)

Everything is going well in the basement. It shouldn't be long now and Olaf will be painting. Probably next weekend. Hopefully next weekend. I need to go and look at carpet. I don't want Olaf to pick it out without me. Maybe we can do that on Sunday before we go out to eat wherever Camille chooses for her birthday dinner. I already know she is going to choose Longhorn. She loves their chicken tenders.

I have been really lazy this pregnancy. I haven't even kept my house clean. I guess I don't have that nesting instinct. I think I would have it if someone else would come do everything I wanted them to. I know I can talk Olaf into mopping for me, so hopefully that will happen soon. My weight gain has been really good. I have only gained 12 pounds and I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. I am hoping it comes off some.

Please pray for my friend, Resie. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemo today. Her father is also battling bone cancer after having prostate cancer about 8 years ago. And don't forget Karen, who continues to do well. She was diagnosed almost TWO years ago with stage 4 breast cancer. God is good! Karen will celebrate her 36th birthday on the 14th of this month. May the Lord give her MANY more years here on this earth to see her children and grandchildren.

I ordered new bedding for the girls. They wanted this one, but it was way too expensive. Camille was going to get the "cool" one and Grace was going to get the "hot." It would have been really cute, but we just cannot afford that. The settled for the cheap bedding and I was happy.

My niece turned one yesterday. She is so cute. I haven't seen her in real life, and probably never will unless they come visit us, but she sure is cute. She is a great blend between Scott and Frances. (Olaf's brother and his wife) She looks more Italian (Frances) than German (Scott) but she is still a good mix between them. I love the drool coming out of her mouth and those little teeth popping through... I cannot wait to have Simon:)

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