Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am super excited!

I just made our reservation for our Disney World accommodations. We are staying here. I spoke with the owner of the home, Paulette, who seems so kind. I will be in Disney World for my 40th birthday and that just makes me happy. They also are letting us use a crib, stroller, and wheelchair (for Caleb) at no additional cost. That will be nice. We won't have to pack ours or rent them in the park. We are also going to dine with Cinderella on my birthday. I am more excited about that than the children. Simon will be almost six months old when we go which seems like a great age to me. He'll be on a semi schedule, sleeping through the night (hopefully), still nursing for 90% of his nutrition, and not yet crawling. Now pray the weather isn't too hot. Anyone want to go along to be a babysitter for a night or two while Olaf and I go see Cirque or do some wine tasting at Epcot? There is an extra bedroom in that house...

I am going out to dinner tonight with my friend, Misty. I haven't seen her since the last time we went out to dinner about 5 months ago. That is when she told me she was pregnant too. She is about seven weeks behind me and is having a boy too. I can't wait to see if she is showing or not. It's her first baby and I didn't show until about 23 weeks or so with my first one. We are having Mexican. Yum!

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