Saturday, March 17, 2007

Caleb had his first baseball game of the season this morning and boy howdy was it cold! It's lovely outside right now, but at 9:00 am it was freezing. I spent 99% of the game in the van. He looks cute in his new Wisconsin Badger uniform. I need to download the pictures.

Olaf is downstairs caulking the baseboards. When he gets done with that we will put on a few coats of primer. Maybe we can start painting (with color) tomorrow. It depends on how long it takes Olaf to caulk. I am guessing (since it is Olaf and not a normal human being) about two or three hours. Yes, you read right.

My back is starting to hurt. I guess my bones and such are starting to relax in preparation for the birth. I should go get adjusted at the chiropracter, but I just haven't yet. I want to make sure my pelvis is lined up and everything before I go into labor. Need to make a note to myself...

Did I mention that my friend, Charity, (see picture below) is giving me a baby shower? It is April 14th at her house. How nice is that?? I know most of my friends went in together and bought me this. I needed one. I really want one of these too. My friend bought one for her baby and I am hoping I can borrow it for Simon when the time comes. I don't care that hers is pink!

Enjoy your weekend!

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