Monday, January 01, 2007


In 2007, I resolve to have a baby. That resolution I will certainly keep!:0) Other than that, I resolve not to make resolutions that I know I will never keep. How's that for honest?

Today (just for fun) I went and registered at Target and Babies R Us. Basically I did it to get any coupons that may come with the deal, but I got nothing today. Bummer. It also isn't a lot of fun to take four children with you when you register. Thankfully, Olaf took the kiddos and let me walk around. We bought a new mattress for the bassinet and another bassinet sheet. At Target I bought some onesies and little pants that were on clearance. It will be hot here when the baby comes, so he really won't need more than that. I think I am all set with the layette now between Target and Kohls. You can look at my registries online if you want to.

Olaf and I were discussing the possibility of finishing one room down in the basement. A big huge playroom/family room where the children can store their toys and such. I think he is going to call some contractors for some estimates. I would love, love, love that. Our house is fairly small and any added space would be fabulous.

Olaf goes back to work tomorrow. Caleb goes back to school on Thursday. I need to start school with the girls again too. Hopefully we can get their school year finished before the baby comes. Hopefully:)

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