Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tagged - Six weird things

My Down Under friend, Sonia, tagged me. I have to tell six weird things about me, then tag six people.

1. I drink lemon juice straight from the concentrated bottle. I add a little salt to it though.

2. I really don't like to kiss. Anyone.

3. I crave a strong, cold beer (Sam Adams Lager is fabulous) in my second trimester of pregnancy. So far, I have only given in to two temptations this pregnancy.

4. I am a self proclaimed hypochondriac-but y'all knew that one.

5. I am in the parade scene in the movie Animal House. You can't really see me though. I was 10 years old.

6. I ran away from my mother's house in Oregon the summer before my senior year to go live with my dad in Washington. I traveled by Greyhound Bus all by myself with only the clothes on my back.

OK, I tag:


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