Monday, January 22, 2007

Coughing and wheezing

This is so not fun! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 9:45. I know this man is going to think I am utterly crazy because I was in there a little over a week ago thinking I was dying of pancreatic cancer. Now it's lung cancer. Oh boy, I am a mess!

Tomorrow is my nineteenth wedding anniversary. Olaf is taking the day off so I can go to the doctor and the chiropractor. We may go out to lunch at the Olive Garden with the children while Caleb is at school. Caleb doesn't do well around pasta. He is very sensory defensive and will vomit if he sees someone slurp spaghetti. I'm not chancing ruining a meal at Olive Garden with vomit.

We looked at a lovely new home that I would very much like to buy. The problem is trying to get this one ready to sell. That would take SO much work. ::Heavy sigh::

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