Monday, January 15, 2007

Back Pain

Something is wrong with my back! It's not the typical low backache that one gets when they are preggo. It's up high, like under my right shoulder, and it wakes me up every stinkin' night. Being the good hypochondriac that I am (are we starting to see a theme?) I went to the doctor convinced I was dying of some sort of cancer. He said, "It's a backache Mrs. Jorek." Oh, how I hope he shows up at my funeral and recants.

Baby still doesn't have a definite name. I blogged a bit about it at the Baby Jorek Blog.

Camille is already planning her birthday. It isn't until March 11, but she has decided that she wants to go here with her best friend. I think Olaf will take just the two of them. I would take them but I cannot get on a horse pregnant. She still loves horses so much. She wants to take riding lessons again, but I am not so sure that I am ready to be dragging the other children to lessons. Maybe in the fall.

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