Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chest X-Ray

Yesterday I was feeling so horrible that I went in for a chest X-Ray. The nurse called today and said the preliminary results were normal. I go in tomorrow afternoon to see the midwife for a recheck. I am still making a lot of noise when I exhale, so I am not sure what is up with all of that.

Today I had to take Caleb to the doctor for his Medicaid paperwork. Every single year I have to jump through a million hoops to continue with his Medicaid waiver. You would not believe all the paperwork that is required. The doctor has to fill out three forms, I have to fill out about three or four and include all kinds of documentation. It is nice to have though. Medicaid picks up whatever our primary insurance does not. So, instead of paying the $100 per month for his seizure medicine (that is our co-pay by the way. His medicine is about $500 per month) we don't have to pay anything because medicaid will pick up the rest. Medicaid also picks up the normal co-pay for doctor's appointments and such as well. When he turns 18 then he will go on a different type of Medicaid and I don't think I will have to reapply every year.

Baby is still transverse. I think we have named him. If you don't read my Baby Blog, his name (as of now anyway) is Simon Perry Jorek. There is a character in the movie Nanny McPhee with the name of Simon. He is such a cute little boy too. I think that is what triggered the name in our minds...(a long time ago) Of course, it's Biblical. Simon Peter among others. The bad thing is it means "to be heard" which really isn't a great thing to name a baby. I am sure we'll get the question, "Did you name him after Simon Cowell?" Ummm...no!

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