Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Swelling already

Last night my left foot and ankle were slightly swollen. Say it isn't so! It is WAY too early for that. This morning my hands felt a bit swollen as well. So I did what any hypochondriac would do. I went to Eckerd to buy a blood pressure cuff. Then I went to the big machine that takes your blood pressure and took mine four times. It started high (I had just walked in from the parking lot and was out of breath...sad) but by the fourth time, it was normal. Olaf is going to check it this evening with new cuff I bought too. Not that my hypochondria isn't bad on its own, I have Josiah adding to the mix. He said to me today, "Mom, when the baby is born it is going to be very sick." I asked him how he knew that and he said, "Well, I just know it." Thank you Josiah. You made my day. I really hate being a hypochondriac. It is awful to live this way. I wish there was a pill to make it all go away. I pray and pray and pray and pray. I try to take every wrong thought captive to the obedience of the Lord. And as I am trying to think on Whatsoever things are true, my head is ruminating on sickness, cancer, diseases, death and the after effects on my family. It's not limited to me either. I fear one of the children or Olaf dying as well. It's awful I tell you.

Do you know how much I dislike grammar? Teaching Camille grammar is so hard for me. I don't even understand it. We are working on pronouns which, in and of themselves, is not a hard concept. But classifying them and such...who cares? If you can recognize a pronoun then I say GOOD FOR YOU! On the other hand, I love math as long as it isn't spacial. I really don't like geometry, but I like algebra. When she gets beyond Algebra 2 I will have to send her to a coop math class or something. That is too advanced for me.

My brother called me last night. We talk about twice a year. It's always fun to catch up with him. We talked for over an hour about parenting teenagers. He has four teens right now. Let's just say that after talking to him I am so glad I homeschool:)

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