Friday, January 05, 2007

Finishing the basement

We have had one man come out so far to look at our basement. I think Olaf has two more coming out so he can compare prices. It looks like we will be finishing one huge playroom/family area that is about 635 sq. feet and a bedroom that is 138 sq. feet. He will be putting three windows in as well. We don't have the actual cost estimate yet. He is working on that right now. I am just so excited at the prospect of having more room. I pray it all works out.

We had a tornado warning this morning. The rain was coming down HARD. So glad nothing came of it.

Remember last week or so when I was feeling really sick? I am certain I had a full blown sinus infection because my upper teeth on my left side were killing me. Kind of like when you have a bad cavity. Anyway, I really should have gone on antibiotics, but I didn't. Now...and this is really gross...I am blowing the infection out of my left nostril. If I say more than that you WILL vomit. Moral of the story; if you get a sinus infection go to the doctor.

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