Thursday, December 07, 2006


Olaf left the neurologist appointment with Caleb at 4:15 pm. It is now 6:04 and he is still about 45 minutes away from home. He spent OVER an hour and a half on I-285 to travel about 30 miles total. He is not a happy camper and neither is Caleb. He drives a stick shift and he says his leg and foot are killing him from the constant shifting and clutching. He never went above 15 miles per hour the entire time and most of the time it was stop and go. How frustrating! Caleb does not do well in traffic either. He gets very agitated and I am so happy it wasn't me in that vehicle with Caleb.

Tonight is The Office and Survivor. My pick for elimination is Parvati. (What where her parents thinking with that name?) Looks like she'll also win reward, send Jonathan to exile island, slice her finger open hacking a coconut, and get booted anyway. We tape The Office and watch it after Survivor. I am looking forward to Lost coming back in February. I heard that it's time slot is changing to 10:00 pm though which doesn't please me. It doesn't want to compete with American Idol I hear.

We are having a neighbor boy over tomorrow morning while his mama goes to the doctor in Atlanta. I hope the traffic is better for her or else he may have to spend the night! The children are excited about playing with him. He is cute as can be and has a really BAD southern accent. It cracks me up. I love listening to him talk but I always ending up smiling and wanting to repeat something he said. He will be five in May so he is right between my Grace and Josiah.

Still procrastinating about wrapping those presents. I know it won't happen this evening. We don't have a spare room to go into so I cannot do it while the children are up. I use the dining room table to wrap presents.

Thanks to Sandra on wah I have figured out where I want to spend my 25th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is in the winter (January 23rd) and I would love to go here! What do you think? Look at this photo of it. GORGEOUS!

If I don't post before the weekend, have a great one. Oh, and one more thing. Congratulations to my friends Jeff and Eileen on the birth of their new baby boy, Thor. He weighed 9 pounds at birth. Ouch!

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