Thursday, December 28, 2006

My poor sick house

The children are all going downhill. What used to be a cold two weeks ago has turned into a sore throat, goopy eyes, and low grade fevers. I am thinking it may be sinus infections, but I cannot take all four children to the doctor at the same time. So, I am waiting it out. I am starting antibiotic eye drops on Josiah (he is the one with the goopy eyes) and praying this goes away. Olaf has it too. I still have a cold and am coughing some now. I sound like I have smoked my entire life when I talk. (Essentially I have. My parents each smoked 2 packs a day.) I went to Walmart tonight to stock up on cold medicine and children's motrin. I bought Dayquil, Nightquil, Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine, cold medicine for the children, and children's Motrin.

Our health insurance is changing January 1st and do you think they have sent new insurance cards? Why, no they haven't. We are switching from an HMO to United Healthcare which is an 80/20 plan. Not by choice either. Delta is no longer carrying the HMO because it is too expensive. Anyway, now I have to pay to deliver this baby instead of it being free. I also have to pay for any labs or ultrasounds that may be required. Stinketh. My max out of pocket will be $3,000 which I will certainly meet with the birth of the baby. Still...$3,000 or free....$3,000 or free...I choose free thankyouverymuch.

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