Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas is coming...fast

We have appointments galore the next two weeks on top of all the other Christmas excitement. Olaf has three dental appointments, the children have dental appointments, I have an ultrasound, Caleb has a neurologist appointment this Thursday.... We are going to be running. We need to wrap presents too. I really dislike that part. I think the children have seven presents this year. But 7X4=28 presents to wrap not including Josiah's birthday presents and any little thing that we may buy for their stockings. I wish I enjoyed it more so I could make the package look pretty. We also need to ship Olaf's brother's package, and a package to a friend. I want to make sugar cookies this year with the children too. We have never done that before and I know they would love it. I did order a friend and our next door neighbor Harry and David Gifts last night though. Those I won't have to wrap or ship. Their pears are the best. Olaf's brother and his wife (Scott and Frances for future reference) got us a basket last year from Harry and David, and the pears were huge and firm and yummy. This coming from a woman who normally doesn't eat pears. So I ordered this for our friends, The Pitts', and this for our next door neighbor.

Gotta run. Children need me.

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