Friday, December 29, 2006

Spiritual Stuff

If you really don't care about my spiritual journey, you can stop here and not read any further...I promise not to be offended:0)

I alluded in a previous post that God has me on a spiritual journey that is huge. I mean, it's huge for me. So huge in fact that as I emerge from a thought process that I was certain was "truth" I can only imagine that this is what it must feel like to come out of a cult. As much as I do not want to promote discord among anyone who professes to be a Christian, there are some things that must be mentioned. If you have time (these are lengthy articles and should not be skimmed) please read the following articles about Doug Phillips(founder of Vision Forum Ministries), his brother Brad, and the family that was torn apart because of Doug Phillips' church. You can read her very own story here.

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