Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Tonight is our "Chirstmas" to most Americans. It's the night our family opens our presents (yes, ALL of them) and we read the Christmas Story from the Bible. We eat crusty rolls and cold cuts. The children are WILD with anticipation as you can imagine. We won't open presents until 6:00 pm so they have a long time to wait. They are going crazy behind me trying desperately to pass the time until night falls and they can open their presents.

I am sick with a nasty cold. It has really slowed me down. My head feels like it is going to explode with all the sinus pressure. I hope I get better soon. My nose looks like Rudolph from blowing it so much. That will make for lovely pictures tonight.

Olaf is dusting right now...getting ready for Christmas. How nice of him. He has to have everything "perfect" for Christmas Eve. It never lives up to his expectations, but he tries every year. When the Christmas Story is read he wants the children to sit and listen attentively at his feet. However, in our home, Caleb will be rolling on the floor licking something, and Grace and Josiah will be bickering and Camille will be doing her best to stop everyone from disobeying...then Olaf gets frustrated because noone is listening to him. It happens year after year. So, this year I suggested that Camille read the Chirstmas Story. I think it will be better. I'll let you know.

From our chaotic home to yours, Merry Christmas!

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