Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quick Update

The Bible Study ladies went out to eat this evening. I stayed on Atkins even though they ate cheesecake in front of me. I am telling myself it will be so worth it in about 8 weeks! And I can do ANYTHING for 8 weeks. I got through Basic Training in the United States Air Force, I can certainly stay on Atkins for 8 weeks. Christy told me about a diet very similar to Atkins called Protein Power. I just bought the book off Ebay but it sounds very similar to Atkins. One of the differences is you can have 7-10g of carbs per meal. Basically that is 10 more grams of carbs per day than Atkins. And I'm ALL about more carbs.

It's late. Olaf is making egg salad for lunch tomorrow. We watched Survivor tonight. It's going to be a good one. I am rooting for the older men to win.

And one prayer request...a friend of mine in New Zealand is looking into the claims of Christ. She is seeking and wondering if Christianity is the real deal or not. Would you please pray the the Lord would make Himself so real to her that she cannot back away from it? Her name is Wilm.

Blessings...Peace Out!

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