Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can you deal with more American Idol stuff?

Because I really think Taylor Hicks did a great job last night! I called and got a busy signal for a good hour after the show. I did get through a few times in that hour. Maybe four times. I originally didn't think he'd make it to the top 12, but I do now. The boy will be in the top four I think. He most definitely will have a recording contract after AI is finished. And pretty boy Ace...blech! I can't stand it when guys look into the camera like that. Remember Constatine?? Yuck. Yeah, we all know why Ace chose the song he did. To sing those sexy lyrics while staring at the camera. Can you say teenage (and desperate housewife) votes?? Smart man.

If it continues to rain, then we will not be able to go riding tomorrow. We missed last week due to rain too. I really don't want to take Caleb anyway. He is too hyper to take to someone else's home and it makes me nervous. To top that off he has a nasty snotty nose.

Need more coffee. Need to grade a math worksheet. Need to go! Have a great day.

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