Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Double Shift

Olaf worked a full day today and just went back in to work the midnight shift. Ah the joys of being a manager of three shifts!:) I hope he is OK on the drive home. That part scares me a bit. I love my hard working man!

I missed Bible Study tonight because Olaf attended an informational meeting about starting a Challenger League baseball program in our county. Right now we drive to another county for Caleb to play baseball and we would really like to stay local. We'll see what happens.

Camille has been doing at least two math pages everyday. We only have 25 more days of math for the school year. I'll have to keep her busy through April though. I really don't want to start 5th grade math until next school year. She is learning so much. She can add, subtract, and multiply fractions. She can find the least common denominator, reduce fractions to lowest terms, change improper fractions to proper and vice versa. We will be starting decimals within the next few days. I am so blessed that I really don't have to teach her. I can introduce the concept and she pretty much gets it. She just thinks she doesn't get it. Her brain goes on overload and she immediately starts to get nervous and cry. Our new motto is, "Try, Don't Cry!" Once she calms down problem. She whizzes through it like it's the easiest thing she has ever done. She is not nearly as gifted in her vocabulary though. She loves to read and devours books, but her vocabulary is limited. She retains what she reads but if there is a word in there she doesn't know she skips it and doesn't think twice about it. She read seven library books in 14 days. Six Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys and one Little House on the Prairie book. It is time to go back to the library. Maybe we can do that tomorrow. She will love that. Last time we were there I got the book by Dr. Dobson called "Bringing up Boys" or something like that. I actually got to page 20 before I disagreed with him and his pop psychology. I couldn't finish it. Oh well...maybe I'll find something tomorrow like a DVD on how to crochet or knit.

I exercised today but I also ate like a fool. I guess they cancel each other out.

Off to start my Bible Study and then read a bit. I always buy whatever books are in the Dollar Tree and I got one called Paige by Paige. You know, the Trading Spaces gal? Anyway, it's a fun read. I also bought the book that Pope John Paul wrote. I am anxious to read that one as well. Have a great weekend everyone. Mine starts after Olaf gets up tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

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