Sunday, February 19, 2006

Curious George

Olaf took the girls to go see Curious George today. Caleb and Josiah didn't want to go, so I stayed home with them. It turned out to be very productive for me. I cleaned both bathrooms and did every stitch of laundry in the house. I even took the little knobs off the bath water spouts and cleaned them out. I washed the bath toys and cups, scrubbed the tubs and toilets, washed the vanities and mirrors, swept the floors (but didn't mop) was good.

Olaf has tomorrow off for President's Day. You know you have a cushy job if you get President's Day off. Caleb is out on "Winter Break" for the entire week. They just had a Winter Break at Christmas time, but I guess this is part deux. I read in our local paper today that is costs $6,700 per year for each student to go to public school. Is that insane or what?? I could send my children to a private school for less than that! To top it off, Georgia is at the very bottom of the 50 states as far as SAT scores goes. Hmmm...sounds like we're doing something wrong.

We rented the newer version of Freaky Friday. Against my better judgment I let Camille watch it with us without previewing it first. That was dumb. Anyway, I thought the movie was cute, but it has behavior in it that I certainly wouldn't want my almost 10 year old daughter to see. I think most of it went over her head (except the bad attitude on the girls' part) but it ended sweet. Any movie that has teenagers kissing is off limits in this house. Olaf and I watched The Legend of Zorro the other night. I thought it was dumb. Pride and Prejudice is playing at the dollar theater, but I doubt we'll be able to go. I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and buy it. If you have any movie suggestions leave a comment!

I talked to my mother today on the phone. That is always an adventure. I think I'll start posting a little about my family. One family member at a time. I cannot do more than that because 1. I don't have that kind of time and 2. I'd scare you off! I'll start with my brother, Rick. Rick is 44 years old and is a drug addict. When he doesn't live with my mother he is homeless. He used to be married and has three children. The oldest of his children is 22 and she just had a baby out of wedlock (surprise, surprise). His youngest is only 5 years old. My brother and his ex-wife lived a life of partying and drugs. They never held a job longer than a few months and have been evicted from almost every home they have been in. I specifically remember when my sil was pregnant with her first baby (the now 22 year old) she would smoke pot all the time. That continued in the home the entire time the children were growing up. A typical "white trash" family. Trash begets trash and both of their older children are following nicely in their parents footsteps. I just feel incredibly sorry for the 5 year old. In 10 more years that child will be just like her mother and father. Guaranteed. Sadder still is my brother "claims" to be saved. Anyway, Rick and his ex are now divorced. His ex is always in some state of drug induced semiconscienceness and the 5 year old makes her own breakfast and wakes her mother up only in case of an emergency. When her sister is sober she will get her ready for school and put her on the bus. If not, she stays home and watches TV all by herself. They are in the process of being evicted yet again. They have no idea where they will go this time. The middle child, a 19 year old son, has his druggie friends in and out at all hours of the night. He cannot hold a job either. I mean, why would you want a job when you can be on welfare...right? Medicaid will pay for all your prescriptions, food stamps can buy all the cold cereal your 5 year old can eat, and some dealers will even take food stamps for payment. Sweet. My brother is addicted to meth right now. Weed used to be the drug of choice 20 years ago, but it no longer does what it is supposed to do. He is also an alcoholic. All of his money (when he gets it) is spent on beer and drugs. Lots of beer and drugs. Oh, and poker machines are legal in Oregon so he loses money in those too. Rick is my only full sibling. My mother has been married three times and has children from two of those marriages. She wasn't a great role model either, but somehow, in God's sovereignty, here I am! Praise the Lord for great things He hath done!

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