Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, that explains things...

The doctor called yesterday about Olaf's MRI results. It's never a good thing when the doctor calls is it? Anyway, Olaf has some swelling and fluid build up on his brain that are all within "normal" limits. He also has an "insult" on his brain. It's a dead spot. It could be from a traumatic birth or some other time when there was a loss of oxygen to the brain. He is being referred to a neurologist for further investigation. He's just so excited that he can now blame all of his problems on being "brain dead."

"I'm sorry I forgot our anniversary. It's because I'm brain dead!"

Everything is ticking along here. One day at a time. We swim almost everyday. I'm sporting a tan this year which is abnormal for me. I NEVER go outside when it's hot so being just a shade darker than ghost is a major accomplishment. The children have a few movies from Blockbuster Online that they need to watch. Camille had her first piano lesson and loved it. On Wednesday we went out to a Celebration of Life for my friend Karen. That was fun. Karen was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer a year ago. They invited all their friends and family out for a celebration. They served us pizza and goodies and we just had a good time fellowshipping together. There are a few pictures on her website that I took.

Plans for today include, movies, the pool, and some Toontown. I need to clean something, so I may throw that in there for good measure!:) Have a blessed day!

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