Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Neurologist Results

Since they didn't have the results from Olaf's MRI (I could rant about that forevah) the doctor decided that all of Olaf's symptoms are stress related. He told him to take a baby aspirin everyday to help prevent a stroke, a B Complex Vitamin for stress, and then handed him a prescription. Olaf asks what the prescription is for and the doctor says...and I quote..."One to make you happy and one to relax you." Hmmm.... He prescribed Olaf Elavil, an antidepressant, and Klonopin, a seizure medication. Olaf is going to go back to our family doctor and see if he agrees with this neurologist. We really want a second opinion because we don't think it's just stress. He'd like to see a doctor that actually has his MRI results in his hands before he walks in the door. So, there ya have it.

Funny Note: Whenever I do a spell check, the suggested spelling for Olaf is olive. That is what my grandma called him. SHe'd say, "Oh Olive, you are such a good boy."

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