Monday, June 19, 2006

Insert witty title here...

We had a great Father's Day. We went and saw Cars. It was a cute movie. I enjoyed it. We gave Olaf all kinds of German goodies like candy and coffee and yucky stuff that no one else will eat but him. He loved it. He is at the Neurologist as I write this so I will be sure to post the results of that visit later on.

So far today I have cleaned both bathrooms (always fun scrubbing tubs...blech!) and showered. Woo Hoo!:0) My children are fed but still in their pj's and it is 1:00 pm. They have watched a movie and done a few chores. Now they are all playing pretend together behind me. I need to vacuum next and then get the dishes done.

My poor dog, Ella, isn't doing so good. Her hips are hurting her so badly she can barely move. I hate to say this, but it may not be too much longer before we have to put her down. If there comes a time when she is immobile, then Olaf will take her to the vet for the final shot. As it is now, she moves incredibly slow and has a hard time getting up once she has lied down. Poor doggy. She is only 9 years old.

I am loving my hair. I love to wear it down and not have that dang ponytail all the time. Granted, I don't curl it or anything, but I love it anyway.

Olaf and I are at our "we're fat" stage again. I love it when Olaf finally gets there because he'll actually start watching what he eats. That makes it much easier for me. I need to do the Lord's Table Bible Study again.

Have a great week everyone!

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