Saturday, June 24, 2006

Toulouse, France

My husband leaves tomorrow for France. He will be home Thursday. Pray for me. Caleb does not do well without Olaf. Bedtime is always hard. He cries and wants his Papa. It is so sad. Anyway, Olaf is going for a conference or something. He's told me hundreds of times what it's all about, but I always forget.

It's been hot here. Looking forward to October when the weather starts to cool down a bit. It doesn't get cold till January though. Oh, I'd love to live in Montana. I have never been there, but I bet it's beautiful. Maybe next year we can do a family vacation out West. Maybe go to Yellowstone and then drive to Mt. Rushmore or something. It has to be in the fall though. The only prerequisite is cool weather. That is the great thing about homeschooling. We can take vacations when other children are in school. Love that.

Off to enjoy the day with my husband since he leaves tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend.

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