Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thank you for commenting on my last post with ideas on how to keep Caleb busy. I will try to implement a few of those ideas and see if they work.

Camille starts piano lessons today. Since she only goes riding every other week, we had some room in the budget for piano lessons on her off week. She will be taking them from the homeschool choir director. She already knows Camille, so that is a plus. If Camille doesn't "catch on" or doesn't like it, I will not make her continue. She charges $15 per half hour and we will go twice a month. Riding lessons are $20 per month ($10 each lesson). That is $50 per month for both lessons. I don't think that is too bad.

My shoulders are sunburned from swimming in the pool yesterday. The children are loving that pool. We go out everyday. Josiah wears the water wings now and tools around the pool by himself. Grace is getting a little more daring everyday. Yesterday she held her breath and went under. Hopefully the littles will learn how to swim. Camille is too fearful of the water to learn. She's hopeless I think. I am wishing the pool were bigger so I could swim laps and get some exercise. I forgot how fun it is to actually swim. Not just tread water and doggy paddle, but actually freestyle or breast stroke. Now I wish we had an in ground Olympic sized pool in the backyard so I could SWIM.

Speaking of swimming, my Survivor application will be in LA this morning. Olaf shipped it overnight yesterday. I should know by late July if I have made the next round of interviews. Olaf is absolutely convinced they will pick me. I KNOW they will not. That's why we are married. He's the optomist, I'm the realist. Eight hundred people will make it to the next round of interviews.

Have a great day!! I need to get busy.

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