Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chicken Little

That movie is so darn cute. I like the music in it too. Caleb laughs hysterically at that pig.

So, Weight Watchers starts tomorrow. I am mentally preparing. Wax on, wax off.

Can I just say that Camille is awesome at math? She is, she is. I don't know why that makes me so proud, but it does. She is a sweet young lady and I hope she continues to serve the Lord with her whole heart. She watched the TV special on the Duggars and said she wanted 16 children too.

Less than five weeks until we go to Disney World. We are staying here. I am mentally preparing (hmmm, that sounds familiar) so I don't get too stressed. Believe me, a Disney World vacation is not my idea of relaxing. Especially with Caleb in the mix. However, Olaf and I are praying that we are relaxed and calm throughout the trip. I certainly don't want the children remembering their mother an anxious woman the entire time. The tax return money is in the bank and waiting for us to buy the tickets. I guess we should do that soon. We found an awesome site for discounted tickets. If you buy four days they give you two for free. Not that I really want to go to the Disney parks all 6 days that we are there, but's free. Can you believe that it is going to cost our family $1,146 just to get in? That is a lot of jack. However, they will remember it for a long time. Praise God that our condo in Orlando only cost $200 for the entire week thanks to a very generous woman who gave us a week in her timeshare. We also have to see if our next door neighbor will be able to take care of our menagerie while we are gone. They are really good neighbors. He works at a bakery where they make Weight Watchers cakes. He brings us over some goodies every now and then. If they cannot, then we will see if our friends down the street can do it. I just feel bad because someone needs to come three times a day to let the dogs out. We'll keep the cats in the garage while we are gone, but someone is going to need to scoop the litter. The birds will need to be fed at least twice while we are gone too. We are like Noah's Ark...everything in two's.

So, peace out! (I love quoting Napolean Dynamite) Have a great day!

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