Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Space

Have y'all heard of it? Here is my site. Cheri made me join (well, she didn't make me) and today it was all worth it. I found a friend from high school. How fun! It was completely by accident how I found him. MySpace is mostly for the younger crowd. I mean, I'm really old for that site. But, I was trying to find people from my high school that were about my age. I went to a person's site who I do not know at all and the song that was playing on his site said the music was by none other than my friend, Scott Southworth. Tammy! Can you believe I found Scott Southworth?

On the homefront, I watched The Wedding Singer today. Loved it! Completely loved it. OK, I'll admit it. I cried. I really did. I graduated in 1985 so all the music was fabulous.

I am starting Weight Watchers next Thursday. Not tomorrow, but the following Thursday. Waiting for tax return money. Until then I am going to eat normally (like a pig) and drink normally (some sort of adult beverage at night.)

My little guy is sitting in my lap which is making this rather hard to type. I need to go love on him. Have a great night.

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