Friday, March 03, 2006

Laundry for dinner

Did I mention that my friend and I have a little bartering going on. I do some laundry for her during the week (this week it was three loads) and she cooks for us. Sweet. Today she made this fabulous chicken breast wrapped in bacon with feta cheese, olives, red onions and who knows what else on top. It was served with asparagus. YUM! All for three loads of laundry! I so got the better end of this deal! I do not like to cook, but I love doing laundry.

I wore my contacts today which just reminded me that I need to go get my eyes checked. I don't think my prescription has changed, but I'm out of contacts. I wish I could find somewhere to order contacts online without having a valid prescription. That is probably illegal though.

Josiah's cold has gone into his eye. He has conjunctivitis now. I am putting antibiotic drops in it and praying we don't have to go to the doctor for oral antibiotics too.

I need to go out tonight with Grace to buy her little friend a birthday present. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I am getting a spa facial at 10:30 am (thanks to Chantell giving me a gift card for being in her wedding). Then Grace, Josiah, and I will go to the birthday party while Olaf takes Caleb and Camille to CORRAL. Baseball starts next week, so every Saturday from now until July 22nd is officially booked. I hate that feeling. The feeling that I "have" to be somewhere every single week. Blech.

I booked a Pampered Chef party for April 11th with my PC lady. I haven't had a Pampered Chef Party in a long time. PC is her sole source of income and she does real well with it. She is a young single woman and is a really good consultant. I have been to several Pampered Chef parties through the years and she, by far, is the best consultant around here.

Tammy Settlemier, I loved the pictures that Tony posted on Flickr! You and your family look fabulous! And your mom and dad haven't changed a bit.

Please pray for this family. A woman went in to deliver her 5th child via C-Section and died on the table. Some amniotic fluid got into her blood stream and caused a blood clot. It killed her right then and there. I cannot imagine what this family is going through.

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