Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lessons in greed

Well, I just had an interesting (to say the least) learning opportunity with my almost 10 year old daughter. Olaf got home from work and Camille told him how she got $25 in birthday money in the mail today. She then proceeded to tell him that she has $45 in her purse now. Since Olaf wanted to go to Golden's (local restaurant) tonight he jokingly said, "Wow, Camille. You can pay for our dinner at Golden's tonight." Camille promptly replied with, "I am NOT using MY money for dinner!" (and she didn't say it in the nicest of tones either as you can imagine) Needless to say, that attitude ruffled this Mama's feathers. We already planned a shopping spree for tomorrow at the mall in lieu of presents this year. I immediately cut her spending money in half for the mall and took her into the bedroom and talked to her about greed and the love of money. We read the Bible together and I explained that loving her money more than her family and her God is just wrong. She cried and prayed, but I am not sure if she cried out of repentance or because half her spending money got taken away. Heavy sigh. And, the worst part of it all, we didn't get Golden's for dinner! I really did not want to reward her with dinner out after that entire scenario. Everyone loses tonight. Frozen pizza for supper.

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