Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

We didn't get to the hospital yesterday because we were going to go today. We had to go through the ER and it was packed. I talked with the lady who registers you and she said I had to wait my turn just like everyone else even though Simon only needed lab work done. She said it would be a few hours before they could see me. HA! Like I am going to wait a few hours with a newborn in a crowded ER with a bunch of sick people. Needless to say, we came home and never got his bilirubin level checked this weekend. We called the pediatrician on call just to cover our rear ends (Simon's pediatrician was adamant that we go on Saturday and Sunday for the blood work) and let her know what happened. She said to just wait until tomorrow morning and have it drawn at the regular clinic. Hooray! We will keep him on the bililights until we know his level.

For Mother's Day I got the most wonderful presents. The best one was this:

My husband painted this jar with all the children's names on different colored hearts. Inside are slips of paper written by the children with reasons why they love me. Of course, Olaf did Caleb's and Simon's. It was so nice it made me cry. One of Simon's reasons was; Because you stare at me. It's so true. I sit there and stare at him because I love him so much. They also bought me stuff that I cannot live without like dental floss, hand sanitizer, trial size lotion, and Almond Hershey's Kisses wrapped in streamers. That was Cami's idea. To wrap little presents in streamers so when I unwrapped it little gifts would fall out one at a time. I also got 6 Jibbitz from my family, a digital photo frame, and a Willow Tree from Simon. So far, so good;)

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