Friday, May 11, 2007

Another heel stick

Simon's bilirubin level went down by 2 points today. We are supposed to take him to the hospital over the weekend to get him tested as well. I am thinking we may skip tomorrow (there is no way his level will be under 10 which is when they discontinue the bililights) and just go on Sunday. His level today was 14.7 down from 16.9 yesterday. I keep him on the lights as much as possible, but it's not 20 out of 24 hours like they want me to. It's more like 16 out of 24. If he cries, I pick him up. He has done really well though. The child rarely fusses unless he needs to burp, poop, or wants to eat. Oh, and when he gets his diaper changed. I cannot wait to snuggle him again though.

Mother's Day is Sunday. Olaf took the children out today to buy me something. They love to buy me presents. It is so cute. I have no idea why they love me, but they do:) I haven't spoken to my mother since the end of January. I didn't even call her when Simon was born. I really have no desire to try to have a relationship with her anymore. Sometimes you have to amputate a limb in order to survive. That is kind of how I feel about her. I haven't seen her for seven years, so it really isn't too difficult to cut off a relationship with someone who is a virtual stranger. Sad, isn't it?

OK, I really need to try to sleep. Simon sleeps well during the day but nighttime isn't so good. He does sleep at night, it's just a restless type of sleep. Not the deep sleep that happens during the day. I think he has Mommy radar too. As soon as I get to sleep, he cries! So, I pick him up and kiss on him and nurse him:) I love babies!

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