Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Gracie!

When Olaf gets home we will go out to dinner at Grace's favorite place to eat, Golden Corral. Olaf is going to pick up her cake on the way home. She wanted another Barbie cake, so that is what my friend (Stacey the cake lady) made for her. She is excited about opening her presents as you can imagine. She already got this one because Olaf had to set it up last night. Olaf also bought her this. I think it's gross, but she will love it. The dog actually poops. Blech. We bought this as well but I paid much more for it at WalMart than the price here at target! I will post pictures tomorrow.

Simon received gifts in the mail today from two sets of people. That is always fun! Scott and Frances sent him two of the cutest outfits from Baby Gap. Absolutely adorable. They also sent the softest little lamb from Gund that you can imagine along with some touch and feel books, a soft frog rattle, my first keys, and some stacking cups.

We also got a package from some friends, Jeff and Eileen. They sent the coolest gadget ever! They also sent two outfits and this adorable toy! Were we spoiled or what?? Thank you so much to both of you for your generosity.

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