Thursday, September 28, 2006

I hate it when that happens...

I had a fairly long post with lots of links...and BAM! Blogger ate it when I tried to do a spell check.

I am going to the Olive Garden tonight to celebrate Mrs. Mike's birthday. She is my bible study leader as well as a very Godly Titus 2 woman. I love her to death. I will be ordering the parmesan crusted talapia. It is fabulous!! You must try it if you ever go to Olive Garden. Mrs. Mike is also the mother of my friend, Karen, who has breast cancer. Today they, along with my husband, went to the unveiling of Delta's new breast cancer plane. It is painted pink with pink ribbons on it. Olaf took a lot of pictures and I cannot wait to see them. I am hoping Becky will be able to make some sort of collage type header for Karen's blog with them. Delta's now defunct low cost carrier, Song, had a breast cancer plane as well. Olaf told me that he held Karen's youngest, Zachary, for much of the time. Zachary just turned three but he is very small for his age so he seems younger. Olaf enjoyed holding him as Josiah doesn't let us do that very often. Josiah is so big it is almost impossible to do it for very long at all. He's skinny, but tall. I look at him and think "where has the time gone??" He's not a baby anymore. He wears the same size shoe as Gracie now. And before too long, he will be taller than her as well. He's a big fella.

OK, I need to get in the shower. The day is escaping me and I need to catch up a bit.


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