Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blood test results...

So I call my OB today to see what my Hcg level was from my appointment last week. And you know what? They don't DO hcg levels in a normal pregnancy work up! I thought that was routine. I did ask them to do a progesterone level and that was fine. It was 25 which is pretty good for 5 weeks pregnant. So, now I just have to wait and see... The old fashioned way. Did I tell you that my OB has one of those coolio 3-D ultrasound machines? I am so excited about that.

Not much else to report here. Camille got her spelling words correct on the first try today. Hee hee. Grace read her first "reader" book today and did fabulous. This is what she read:

Sam can run. Sam can jump. Get it, Sam!

Pam and Liz sat on the log. Liz fell. Liz is wet! Pam will help.

I am so proud of her!:0)

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