Friday, April 28, 2006

Special Olympics

It was a gorgeous day for Special Olympics yesterday. It was cool but sunny. I actually got a little bit of a burn on my face. I put pictures on Flickr. You can click the link in my sidebar and see the few pics I took. My camera batteries died. I had just recharged them. I hate rechargable batteries. Anyway, Caleb decided to moonwalk the 50 yard dash instead of run it. He just wanted the attention. He moonwalked it backwards by the way. Go take a look. He competed in the 50 yard dash, the softball throw, and the standing long jump. All he wanted to do was to go to the "Olympic Village" and get popcorn and Sprite.

My weigh in sucked last night. I gained a lot of weight. Weight I didn't "deserve" to gain either. I have to believe that the FIRM is building muscle faster than my fat is dissipating. It's still frustrating though. I will keep pressing on. I will update my Weight Loss blog later today. But I refuse to change my ticker!!

Eight more days until Disney! Eight. More. Days.

We are dropping the van off this evening to get the oxygen sensor replaced. Praying that this will fix all our problems and we will have a nice safe ride to Orlando.

Have a great weekend!

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