Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Amazing Race is on tonight

I'm so happy they moved The Amazing Race to Wednesday at 8:00 pm. That just rocks.

I had an IEP meeting with Caleb's teacher today. Of course she is taking another position and won't be his teacher next year. Goals really didn't change too much. It should be another normal year.

I actually fit into a smaller size pants today. That is always fun. I think I have only lost five pounds in two weeks, but I have been doing the FIRM everyday. The video I did today really kicks my butt. I cannot do it all. As a matter of fact, I leave out the arm part and only do the leg part and I still can't make it through the entire video. Let's see if I can find a link to it. Here it is. I cannot wait until I actually start to see a difference again.

My Pampered Chef party was a huge success. I got two half price items and $90 in free product. Thank you to everyone who came or bought something.

Do you know they make zero calorie salad dressing? It isn't bad either. I found it at Publix. Check it out. I have tried the Creamy Bacon and the Honey Mustard. I prefer the latter, but they are both good.

Time to go veg in front of the TV for an hour.

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