Monday, April 17, 2006


So, I had this Metabolite that I bought on clearance YEARS ago. You know, the one WITH the ephedra? It was in the clearance bin at Publix becasue they were going to the ephedra free formula. So, I spent the $1.99 for a bottle of 180 pills. And it sat in my cupboard for two or three years. Until today. I get it out and look at the expiration date. It expired a year ago. I figure I may as well try it and see if it works anyway. I took the 2 caplets one hour prior to eating just like it said. Now I am a shaky, jittery, mess. I guess ephedra doesn't expire afterall. I also know why people got hooked on this stuff. I feel like I am on speed. My heart is racing, my hands are literally shaking, and I want to clean my house. Something is definitely wrong:0)

Camille finished her standardized test today and it is sitting in the mailbox. They grade it and send the results to me. I am certain the girl scored awesome in math. I'm not sure about reading and language. It will take three or four weeks to get the results back. Right now she and Grace are at the table playing school. I LOVE that. They are both learning so much when they do that. Right now Camille has her counting by twos.

I ordered the bulk of my curriculum for next year already. ABeka had free shipping this month. At the homeschool conference (the day before we leave for Disney) I plan on buying the GA History stuff from Notgrass. I will also do A Reason for Writing with both of the girls and maybe Explode the Code with Gracie.

Josiah wants me to sit with him in the chair, so off I go! Have a great day.

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