Saturday, April 22, 2006

I love my Mother's Day present

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I got my Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor and I love it. I have worked out twice with it. It's a pretty cool little toy. Today I did a 45 minute DVD and burned 450 calories. The hard part for me is writing down everything I eat.

Next weekend we will be getting our van fixed. We have had a check engine light on for FOREVER. We knew it was an Oxygen Sensor and Olaf assured me that it was not necessary to change. He said it only had to do with emissions and would not affect the way the engine actually ran. we had an alignement and tire rotation done and Olaf asked the guy to hook it up to the computer to see if there were any other faults showing up in the engine. Needless to say, there were several. Olaf called the Mazda dealer service department and talked to a mechanic there. He explained the situation and the mechanic said that the Oxygen Sensor could be causing all those other faults. Hmmm.... So, next weekend we will have the Oxygen Sensor replaced and pray nothing else goes bad on the way to Orlando. Our tax refund that is paying for this trip keeps dwindling with stuff like this. Sucketh. Some of it is my fault becuase I used $109 to join Weight Watchers for ten weeks and then Olaf bought me a Mother's Day gift that cost $80. I guess I should shut up!:)

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It's been raining here for the past couple of days. I hate rain. I grew up in Springfield, Oregon where all it does is rain. So when it rains here I fear it will never stop. The only way you can tell it's summer in Oregon is when the rain gets warmer. A true Oregonian has webbed feet. And FYI, it is not pronounced Ore-gone. Like Gone With the Wind. It is pronounced Orygun.

Josiah caught a caterpillar a few days ago and was keeping it for a pet. He would go outside and touch it and carry it all around. Well, he left the box outside and the rain killed it last night. He is now on a search for a new caterpillar and nothing else is appeasing him. Poor child.

Olaf is cleaning the inside of the van right now. I admit it. I am a slob. I let the children eat in the car. The paper wrappings of straws and candy mints are strewn all over my floorboard. A small animal could live for a month on the french fries that are sure to be found on the floor near my children. And everytime (everytime) my husband cleans out the car for me, I get "the" lecture. Good thing he only does it once a year!:)

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Two weeks from today and we leave for Disney World. Yee Haw!

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