Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just one more day

Tomorrow is the last work day for Olaf and then he will have five days off. Whew. I thought we would never get through this week.

Josiah turns FIVE on the 26th. I cannot believe my little guy is going to be five. He is such a handsome fellow. He is very tall for his age and wears a size 1.5 shoe. He is thin and eats peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. He loves chocolate more than his father (I didn't think that was possible) and would eat it for every meal if I let him. His favorite breakfast is a Pillsbury Toaster Scrambler. He wants a Thomas the Tank Engine cake...again. He has had one ever since his second birthday. He is learning his letters but he much prefers to color and cut and use a glue stick. He likes to burp and fart and sometimes he cries when he doesn't get his way. He likes his sisters to wait on him hand and foot. He initiates kisses every single morning when I get up and every single night before he goes to bed. He still likes me to hold him in the recliner. He is such a blessing straight from God and I am beyond happy that he is mine.

Changing the subject completely...we always have lasagna for Christmas dinner. I think the next week will be hard for me to stick to my diet. I did do the FIRM tonight (well, I attempted to do the FIRM tonight). It's not fun doing those workouts when you are as fat as I am. Grace came bouncing in to the living room to tell me, "You aren't doing those exercises right Mom." Uhh, no joke. They are the size of my left thigh. Someday though...someday:)

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