Friday, December 21, 2007

Gosh I love having a blog

Especially when I want to express a strong opinion about something. I rarely use this forum to do that, but I just have to this time.

Jamie Lynn Spears, baby sister to super famous Brittney, is pregnant. She is sixteen years old and has her own hit TV Show on Nickelodeon, a cable channel targeted to young people. She has decided to come forward and tell everyone of her pregnancy because she is keeping the baby. A lot of the evangelical Christian community is dogging this girl and it is pissing me off. Where, oh where, is that very vocal PRO LIFE community? This young girl has chosen to give this child LIFE. If she had an abortion we would have never known and she could have moved on with her career. As it is, she may never work as an actress for a very long time. I say thank you Jamie Lynn for giving this child life. This is one Christian woman who thinks you ARE a role model to young teen girls who may find themselves pregnant. Why can we so willingly forgive Ted Haggard for having a homosexual affair, doing drugs, and being an ALL OUT HYPOCRITE--but we refuse to show the same mercy and grace to a 16 year old girl who made a foolish decision but has willingly chosen (unlike Haggard who was found out) to come forward with her sin? Sheesh...

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