Thursday, December 13, 2007

Catch up...

I lost six pounds in one week. I'll take it. You know you are really fat when you can lose that much weight in a week. I could be on The Biggest Loser. I can fit into my fat pants now instead of my super fat pants. I am going to my Bunco Christmas party tonight, so I don't want to blow the diet there. I need to eat before I go and only eat veggies while I am there. I am going to have a half glass of moscato though.

If anyone out there wants to take my dog, please let me know. I am serious. I don't want him and I am honestly thinking of taking him to the pound. He is half pekingese and half shitzu. He just turned six on December 10th. Any takers?

Simon has his ear re-check tomorrow. He still has a nasty cold so I am certain his ears will still be infected. Now he is coughing as well. Will it ever end?

Thank God today was the last day of Spanish until next year. WOOT! That means I can slow down a little. Monday afternoon I am having a pulmonary function test done. I also need a chest X-Ray as a follow up to the one done in January. I have been having some weird shortness of breath (not associated with just being fat) so the doctor scheduled this test for me at Fayette Hospital. We'll see...I am sure it comes from years of my mom smoking two packs a day. Gross. Anyone who smokes around children should be slapped.

Simon is poopy, so it looks like I need to go. Have a great day!

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