Monday, November 13, 2006

What a day!

Let's just say that Camille did school from 9:30 am till 8:00 pm with only one break for dinner. I really don't want to talk about it. When my children do not excel, or show a lack of intelligence or diligence, it reflects poorly on me. At least, in MY mind it does. Therefore, I will now shut up about my very bad, not-so-good, awful, horrific day. I am silently hoping that there is another homeschooling mom out there who feels like I do so we can commiserate. The perfectionist mom with a child who is, well, NOT a perfectionist. As a matter of fact, this child has NO inner drive whatsoever and is perfectly fine with repeating the 5th grade all over again. ::heavy sigh:: Sorry. I said I wouldn't talk about it and here I am blabbing.

Did I mention that Josiah only lasted two nights in Caleb's room? He is now back in his toddler bed in the girl's room. I think he feels safe with Camille. Hopefully one day he will decide that sleeping in the girl's room is for...girls!

Next week is Thanksgiving. I am trying to talk Olaf into buying a precooked turkey this year from Publix. We did it before and it was fabulous. Olaf insists on having a big Thanksgiving dinner although it's only our little family. Every year he is in the kitchen cussing under his breath while preparing the meal (I'm not allowed in the kitchen) and every year I beg him to just order the darn meal from Publix. He is kind of like the dad from "A Christmas Story." It drives me insane, but he never listens to me. We just have to put up with his "joyous" attitude the entire day while he cooks, and then sit down for 10 minutes while the children eat a roll and I eat sweet potatoes. Yes it's true; no one enjoys the turkey and all the fixing's except my husband. I guess that is why he is so insistent about having a huge dinner every year.

Gosh. Can you tell I'm pregnant? I've done nothing but complain today. Deal with it!:0)

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