Friday, November 17, 2006

Catch up

Well, I took Josiah to the doctor on Tuesday because he was starting to get croup. When Josiah gets croup it is pitiful. I wanted to get him started on steroids and they helped a lot. Today is his last day on steroids and he sounds SO much better. It is a struggle for him to breathe when he has croup. So...of course...Grace starts last night with the same symptoms only she is also manifesting a fever. She is struggling to take every breath and it is scaring her. I gave her some Motrin and decided she needed to sleep with me so I could be with her if she woke up scared. Her voice was nonexistent thanks to the virus, so she couldn't cry out for me. Needless to say, I got very little sleep last night. I started her on steroids this morning and hopefully she will be feeling better in the next couple of days. I guess mt children are just prone to that inflammation of the the wind pipe and voice box. They really don't get the cough, just the stridor and such. Camille started with it this morning as well, but hers isn't as severe as the little two. Her voice is gone, but she doesn't have the wheezing.

I went out to dinner on Tuesday with my friend Misty. Guess what? She is pregnant!! But don't go over there and congratulate her because her family doesn't know yet. They have been trying to have a baby for FOREVER, and she is about 8 weeks preggo...WOO HOO! Congratulations girlfriend!

My other friend, Penny, had her baby November 15th. She sent me pics and Matthew is so cute. I'm sure she will be posting pics on her blog soon.

Tonight I am going to a women's ministry event with my friend, Chantell, at her church. It's some sort of Christmas thing, but I'm not sure what. She invited me and I am going. Anything to get out of giving the littles their medicine at bedtime. I am sure this weekend will be spent resting and recovering from the sickies. Caleb is out of school next week so hopefully we can recuperate before he brings home something else from school:)

Have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in on us.

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