Friday, November 10, 2006


Olaf scored big time with Cingular. Somehow my husband fanagled FREE Razr phones, and mine is PINK! It is so cute...and FREE! My husband called Cingular and cut this deal with a customer service manager awhile ago. Of course, Cingular doesn't usually GIVE AWAY Razr phones, so it got sent back and forth within their system for awhile. He kept calling every few days to see if it was finally solved. They credited us $30 on our account "for our trouble" and the phones showed up today via FedEx. Free phones, a $30 doesn't get better than that.

My throat is scratchy. I am constantly clearing my throat. It's annoying.

Have a great weekend. I'm not too sure what we are doing, but it will probably involve being lazy.

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