Friday, November 10, 2006

Birthday Fun!

My birthday was wonderful. I was spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Want to hear all about my presents? Good...

Olaf: Digital Cable and a DVR box! WOO HOO!

Camille: Willow Tree - Mother and Daughter

Caleb: Yankee Candle Jar - Home for the Holidays

Grace: Willow Tree - Thank You and a pretty bracelet.

Josiah: A Yankee Candle votive and some Goat Milk Lotion from Cracker Barrell.

Cheri: Vera Bradley Tote in Mesa Red. It's lovely. I am going to use it as a purse/diaper bag when the baby comes. She also bought me an ornament from Disney and a board book for the baby.

Charity: Homemade apple sauce, Beanpod Soy Beans and warmer, A Beanpod Candle jar with the wonderful scent of Earthly Embrace, and some Beanpod tealights for my warmer. She also bought me a bouquet of flowers!!

I also received cards from my friend Mary in Virginia, Misty who walked the 3-Day with me, and numerous birthday wishes via e-mail and phone!! It was a fabulous day and I am so thankful for all the love that was showered on me. I think it was my best birthday so far. I cannot wait for 40!! Well...I can wait another year.

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