Sunday, November 26, 2006

Off to Callaway

Today looks like it is going to be a lovely day. We are going to go to Callaway Gardens to ride bikes. We promised the children that the next time we went we would take the bikes. I am not sure how it will work out with Josiah, but we'll see. We are still fighting colds and a bit of a cough, so this may make things worse.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow at 4 pm. I sure hope she can find the heartbeat with the doppler.

Olaf is making pancakes for breakfast right now. The children love pancakes. I eat them, but they aren't my favorite. I have never really enjoyed breakfast food. I'd much rather have lunch food for breakfast. Leftovers are my favorite thing to eat for breakfast.

We have most of our Christmas shopping done. I think Caleb needs a few more gifts to be even with the other children. I did all my shopping for Olaf online. I love online shopping. Camille's wish list was mostly books. She loves to read. Her favorite series are Deltora Quest (the covers look hideous, but the stories are adventerous) and Phantom Stallion. Camille liked the Rowan of Rin books and the author is the same as the Deltora Quest. That is how she got hooked on that series. Disclaimer to Christian parents: Read the books yourself first to see if you feel they are appropriate for your children. I know a lot of Christians disagree about things, and children's books are certainly one of them. The debate over Harry Potter and such comes to mind. The Emily Rodda books Camille reads do have a "bad/dark side" but the good always prevails.

OK, off to brekky!

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