Monday, October 30, 2006

A nice weekend...

We had a nice weekend with lovely fall weather. I love the fall. It has to be my favorite season of all. We didn't accomplish much though. Olaf set up the bunkbed in the boy's room and Josiah actually slept all night on the top bunk. Up until last night he had been sleeping in the girl's room in his toddler bed. We bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine comforter and he thinks that is the best thing ever. I cannot believe my little guy is in a top bunk!!

I talked on the phone today to a old friend. It was fun catching up on life.

Camille is in Cinderella mode today. To combat some "laziness" issues I implemented a "work your butt off day" today. She has been completely (and I mean 100%) responsible for her siblings today. Everything from playing with them (nonstop) to feeding them to you name it. They have enjoyed it very much. Nothing like a big sister to be at your beck and call. She is also grounded from Toontown yet again. Poor child. She has such a mean mother.

I keep looking at the ultrasound of my little baby. That is such a miracle. I still don't feel pregnant. I have the easiest pregnancies. I'm sure my tune will change in the third trimester when my legs are swollen and have I hemorrhoids so bad I cannot sit down.

My birthday is in 10 days. Send cards now. Preferably with money. Hee hee.

I don't like the time change. Caleb gets up at 4:00 now instead of 5:00. Yucky.

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