Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting ready for Papi

Well, mentally at least. We need to clean a little and get everyone settled into their new bedrooms while he is here. Papi will take our bedroom and Olaf and I will move to Caleb's room. Caleb will sleep on the floor in the girls' bedroom with the other three children. He arrives on Thursday and leaves on Sunday. I just don't know what to cook. Everything gives him indigestion. I bought some cold cuts and German dark wheat bread since that is what I am assuming he'll want for breakfast. Who knows? I'll post pictures of him when he's here.

Tomorrow is LOST. I really want Tivo so I can start it 15 minutes later and skip through the commercials. There are so many commercials...frustrating.

Camille helped me with dusting today after school. She willingly does anything I ask. She just doesn't take the initiative to do it without asking. If I make her a list though...no problem. That may be normal 10 year old behavior.

Caleb is going through a really gross phase right now. He has done it in the past and it always grosses me out. If you are weak in the stomach don't read. Skip this paragraph. While he is having a bm he vomits. Which is not good if you poop 8 times a day like he does. He is not sick. This I know. He has done this in the past and then gets over it. It's a sensory issue but not one that is fun to deal with. Over the weekend he pooped in his pants while he was sleeping and vomited in his bed too. Now that was fun to clean up. Think about it. A 190 pound 11 year old boy, with poop and vomit everywhere. You try to take off his clothes only to smear it all over EVERYTHING. Olaf did all of that fun stuff while I changed the sheets. Nothing better than waking up at 4 am on a Saturday morning to THAT. Yeah... I guess that is the cup the Lord has given me. I can accept it or I can smash it to pieces and tell Him it's not the cup I want. Doesn't matter though because it IS my cup and I have to drink it. I can either drink it willingly or sip it through my fit throwing.

My pinched nerve is getting better, but it's not gone. Neither is my lung/rib pain. I'm not sure what it is, but if it continues I'll have to go see my primary care physician.

My birthday is soon...ALL presents welcome.

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