Friday, October 13, 2006


I pinched a nerve or something in my shoulder yesterday and boy howdy...does it hurt!! I cannot move my head very well and trying to sleep last night was a joke. I hope it heals fast or I am in a world of hurt. I also have this awful pain in my ribs when I take a deep breath. I have no idea what that is, but it's been there over 5 weeks. Anyone know what that could be? Between the two pains, I woke up every single time I tried to change positions in bed.

Olaf got his tooth pulled yesterday. I forgot to take a picture but I will post one soon. He went in this morning to get the crown on his other front tooth and he said it looks really good. I cannot wait to see it when he gets home. I have never seen my husband with white front teeth.

The weather is lovely today. It's cool and sunny. I need to school Camille through the summer when it's too hot to play outside and give her the fall off. This is the tine to jump on the trampolene and swing on the swingset. They ride their bikes up and down the driveway (I won't let them go anywhere else) and draw with sidewalk chalk. A few days ago Camille raked a pile of leaves for the little ones to jump in. She didn't know it had dog poop in it. Ewwww... I am so happy that my 10 year old is still so innocent. I will shelter my children until such a time when I think they are emotionally and spiritually ready to learn things. Then I will be the one to tell them.

Olaf's father is coming for a visit next Thursday. We haven't seen him for over four years. I'm not sure how the children will react. He's old and cannot hear very well. Grace and Josiah have never seen him before (well, Grace was 12 months)so I think they will be rather shy and that may tick him off a bit. I know I can look forward to him telling me I am fat. Oh happy day! Yes, he really will tell me. Just like that. He has a German accent so it will sound something like this (spelled phonetically):

Ahhhg (glutteral sound at the end) Misty! You need to loose (yes, say loose not lose) a little veight. You are getting shubby (instead of chubby).

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