Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The weekend with Opa went well. Much better than I expected. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he cannot hear. So, he was oblivious to much of what was going on around him. He started to complain on Saturday night a bit. About money, his neighborhood, etc. Three days was about the maximum that I could have him here without going crazy. He wants to come again next year but he refuses to stay in a hotel. So...I'm not so sure if he will come again or not. We will not have room for him next year after the baby comes.

Caleb has a cold. No fever but a stuffy/runny nose. This is number two since school started. He cannot blow his nose, so I am wiping that nasty thick snot off his nose all the time. YUCK.

Josiah had his two teeth filled yesterday. He didn't even cry. Not once. I am so proud of him. They gave him a little laughing gas and then gave him the novacain shot. Not a peep. Then they drilled and filled and he was such a brave boy. I am so proud of him. His mouth was numb for quite awhile afterwards. He looked so cute.

I went to Babies R Us over the weekend. I bought some Gerber burp cloths. Hee hee. There is so much in that store that YOU DO NOT NEED! Oh my. I passed the changing tables and thought, "a towel on my bed will work just fine." I passed the expensive bedding and thought, "sleeping next to mama will keep him plenty warm." Not to mention the exercise thingies, the play n packs in every size, shape, color and pattern, bassinets, swings, toys, diaper disposal systems...it was so overwhelming. I remember going there when I was pregnant with Camille and wanting everything. Now I don't have room for much of that. Although I would like another bouncy seat. I did use that. I am going to cloth diaper part time. Mostly because I want to, not necessarily to save money. I will use these diapers with these wraps. I haven't bought any yet, but I'd like 2 dozen of the small prefolds and at least 2 covers each in small and medium. That is about $100 which isn't too bad.

Okay, enough rambling for today. Caleb will be home soon and I have no idea what to fiz for dinner.

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