Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dentists and Doctors, oh my!

Olaf stayed home today so he could take Josiah to the dentist. My little three year old boy has two cavities. ALL Olaf's fault. It is his responsibility to brush the boy's teeth every night. So, when I noticed a hole in his tooth I made Olaf take him to the dentist. He went and saw Dr. Dunkleberger in Fayetteville but they didn't fill the teeth today. They just did a cleaning and X-Rays. He said Josiah did fabulous. He didn't cry at all and the only thing that made him a bit nervous is when they moved the chair. Olaf said there were other little children screaming and throwing fits in the rooms next to theirs and Josiah said, "they are not obeying their parents, huh Papa?" His fillings are scheduled for October 23rd. The dentist said he will give Josiah a little bit of laughing gas and it should only take about 15 minutes total to fill the teeth.

Olaf is currently at an orthopedic doctor right now. He is trying to figure out what in the heck is wrong with his ribs. This is his last hope. After this I think he should see a chiropractor for awhile.

This Saturday we are driving up to North Carolina to see Thomas the Tank Engine. It's over 5 hours in the van for a half hour ride on Thomas. So worth it if your little guys likes Thomas as much as my little guy! We will leave early Saturday morning and come home Sunday afternoon or evening. Our neighbors will be watching the animals for us which means I have to clean the house before Friday night:)

I am going to WalMart when Olaf gets home. I am out of lemons and that just isn't an option for this pregnant woman. Guess I need to get a shower then.

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